Previous IAE Expeditions 1 - 5: 2003 - 2007

IAE 5 – 2007
The E-Base opens

In 2007 Robert led his fifth expedition to Antarctica and took 70 participants who worked together to finish the E-Base ready for the first broadcasts in 2008.

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IAE4 – 2006
The E-Base arrives in Antarctica

In 2006 the team consisted of up and coming corporate leaders, entrepreneurs in the field of renewable energy, journalists, teachers and disadvantaged students.

After 4 years of logistical planning, the E-Base was transported from the USA to Antarctica.

The teams battled biting winds while carrying the building panels the day after a particularly bracing Antarctic storm. Spirits could not be dampened as the mission to build the worlds first education station in Antarctica was very clear in peoples minds and hearts.

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IAE3 – 2005
THE E-Base — accommodation unit improvements

The mission for IAE3 was to renovate the accommodation unit in line with IAE2 recommendations.

The teams worked together to refurbish the accommodation unit and ensure the site for the E-Base was approved and prepared.

Some teams worked inside the accommodation unit making necessary repairs. Other teams made final checks that the E-Base site would be ready for the arrival of the building the following year.

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IAE2 – 2004
The E-Base location search

In 2004 team members worked to find a suitable location for the first education base in Antarctica.

The Russian Antarctica program offered in return for the rubbish removal, the use of an existing accommodation unit for the IAE teams over the coming years.

During the expedition the team assessed the existing building and made recommendations for work to be carried out the following year. They also selected the site for the E-Base.

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IAE1 – 2003
The first corporate Antarctic expedition

In 2003 the mission was to assist in making waste-management in Antarctica sustainable, generate ideas for the E-Base, and apply key leadership and management principles in the workplace and communities back home.

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