About IAE

The location is Antarctica—the last great wilderness on Earth. It is the world’s fifth largest continent; the coldest, the driest, and the windiest on Earth. Twice the size of Australia, Antarctica is east of the sun, west of the moon and south of everything else. The 5.4 million square miles of ice covering the continent contains 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of the world’s fresh water. Antarctica is a frozen, windswept continent, so hostile and remote that there are no permanent residents.

In March, 2014, Robert Swan and the 2041 team will lead an international team of corporate leaders, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, teachers and young people on a journey through the Antarctic Peninsula, visiting incredible locations and sharing insights and personal experiences of this unique continent along the way. Celebrating a decade of Antarctic expeditions, Robert Swan led the first corporate expedition to Antarctica in March 2003. Robert has since taken over 770 people from approximately 58 nations to see Antarctica firsthand.

Team members will not only enjoy an ideal setting for personal development, but will be uniquely positioned to share their experiences and new found knowledge with colleagues, friends and families back home, inspiring others around the world to become leaders in promoting sustainability and working towards preserving the last great wilderness on Earth.

Once again in 2014, 2041 will be implementing the Antarctic Youth Ambassador Programme with the 2041’s programme. Selected from across the globe, AYAP Ambassadors will participate in the AYAP skills and capacity programme. Beginning the expedition with a goal in mind, Amabassadors will focus on participating in an on-ground environmental project with youth-based curriculum. Using a combination of the Antarctic’s inspiration and newfound skills, Ambassadors will return home to implement a personalized yearlong project within their region; ultimately, inspiring positive ongoing change.

IAE 2014 Team Members will be sharing their adventures via the 2041 expedition website, updated daily from the field using the latest in satellite technology and digital media. Through photos and blog posts, the team will share their physical and emotional impressions of the Antarctic in real-time. The team’s global audience will vicariously experience the adventure with cutting-edge immediacy.